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Product Features

Automated E-Scheduling

iWorkForce makes your e-scheduling much easier than in the past. Instead of having your manager spend inordinate amounts of time on creating a schedule, by having to coordinate between all the workers and gathering feedback, our company can use the automated schedule system instead. It is able to assign workers to schedules based on availability, role type and number of workers required for the shift; all with a click of a button.

Process payroll

HR practitioner and management team can use IWorkforce.IO HRM payroll module in approval of salary, reimbursement and allowance.

Generate Key Employment Terms

Employees’ responsibilities, income and benefits can be automatically generated and view online.

Track attendance

Users can sync their attendance from external hardware such as fingerprint biometric access directly to IWorkforce.IO HRM.

Allow Integration with Other Software

Business productivity solution such as Xero accounting can be integrated with IWorkforce.IO HRM to provide greater connectivity between departments.

Submit Mandatory Report

IWorkforce HRM ihas capability to generate and sync reports on employee CPF contribution and IR8A directly to government portal.