IWorkforce.IO’s mission is to provide better, simpler and faster human resource solution.


Founded in 2015, Iworkforce.IO started with the aim to be a game changer in Human Resource landscape. We realize the ineffectiveness of current system in which Human Resource practitioner spends multiple hours settling payroll, generating Key Employment Terms and putting together information for reports to be submitted to manpower regulatory department.

We decide to design a cloud Human Resource solution, Iworkforce, which does all that, connecting employee and employer seamlessly together. Further, we want everyone on our system to be connected via mobile, allowing information to be available anywhere anytime. What we does is just the beginning.

We firmly believe that Human Resource practitioner should focus more on setting HR strategies to keep the workers happy, looking in ways to increase workers productivity, recruit new blood and even to organize company bonding activities. The boring and mundane admin routines can be delegated to our system.

In order to achieve the feat to change Human Resource landscape we work closely with our clients, partners and friends to promote and implement the new system, creating a more productive workforce.


Customer Centric

We take care of our customer’s need no matter no complex the human resource policy is.

User Experience

Our product are carefully designed by HR professional. We tweak the system regularly to give user the best user experience.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost is a crucial aspect of all businesses. We serves to provide low cost SaaS model solution so client will not need to pay excessive charges.