workers are able to plan and assign their schedules based on availability, role type and number of workers required for the shift; all with a click of a button.

Employee module allows HR

Employee module allows HR practitioner to input all the necessary details ranging from personal particulars to job designation to bank account to employment status.


Employee appraisal reports, medical certificates and other employee information can be stored in IWorkforce.IO HRM effortlessly. HR practioner, management team and individual staff are able to access these employee information anytime anywhere with relative ease.

Leave Policy

Flexibility of IWorkforce.IO HRM enables company management to set leave policy and shifts, catering for different industries.

Comprehensive Reports

HR practitioner and management team are able to have clarity of their manpower related information by generating in built report functions. Reports such as turnover, payroll report are particularly helpful for company direction and strategies.


HR practitioner and management team will use IWorkforce.IO HRM payroll module in approval of salary, reimbursement and allowance. This module is in compliance with MoM legislation to provide all workers with itemised payslip. Workers are able to print out their payslip effortlessly through the system.

Attendance Tracking

Infrastructure is in place in IWorkforce.IO HRM to allow companies to sync their attendance from external hardware such as fingerprint door access.

Integration to Cpf and Iras

Mandatory reports (CPF e-Submission and IR8A) can be generated and sent automatically to CPF and IRAS respectively through IWorkforce.IO HRM, saving time and effort.

OTHER BENEFITS(For Singapore companies):

IR8A form generation

Foreign Worker Quota Calculation

Automated CPF calculation

(Current subscribers will also be given access as they are made available):

Key Employment Terms Generator

Performance Review

Direct Integration with Fingerprint Scanner

Bank Payment Instruction Generator for Payroll

Shift Based Payroll (integration with fingerprint scanner)

Accounting Software Integration (Xero Accounting, Moneyworks, MYOB, Quickbooks)